Research proves that the most complete recovery from brain injuries often depends on services available after a survivor’s inpatient hospital stay. After leaving the hospital, survivors need continued therapies — including speech, physical, mobility, balance and emotional therapies — to help them regain their confidence and learn the skills necessary for living with their disability. Unfortunately, insurance has often run out by the time a survivor has left the hospital, leaving them unable to pay for the therapies so necessary to help them rehabilitate to their fullest potential. This is where SRF steps in. The foundation helps survivors pay for the Sharp rehabilitation that is so crucial to their recovery. Since 1985, the foundation has dozens of rehab scholarships. In San Diego alone, more than 3,000 people suffer traumatic head injuries each year, and many survivors are unable to pursue proper rehabilitation without financial support. You can help a survivor learn the skills necessary to re-enter the community by giving the gift of rehabilitation.

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